We are changing our name and registered address.

We have changed our name and registered office address. Our company name is now “Masthaven Limited” and our registered office address is 30 City Road, London EC1Y 2AB. You can be assured that although these details have changed, we remain the same organisation with the same values and dedication to customer service. It just means that we have a different postal address if you need to write to us a but all other contact details remain the same.

Establishment of trust for the repayment of savings customers

Masthaven Bank announced its intention to withdraw from the UK banking market in February 2022. As a result, Masthaven Bank has been returning depositors’ funds with the majority having been repaid between January and March 2023. Masthaven Bank has established an independent Trust arrangement, managed by a professional Trustee, Zedra Trust Company (UK) Ltd, which will enable the small number of depositors (or, in some cases, the Personal Representatives of their estate) it was not able to repay to obtain amounts equivalent to their deposits.  

If you were one of the depositors that Masthaven Bank was unable to repay, please read some important information about how to claim funds from the Trustee here.