'Inspired to give ‘individuals what they want from their bank''

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Since having that early ‘imagine if we could really give individuals what they want from their bank’ conversation with Andrew we’ve been driven to make this a realty! Allowing customers to shape what they get from their bank has been our underpinning philosophy every day.

We felt that blending of human expertise and technology was something that customers were crying out for and that the existing banks and new app focussed entrants were moving further and further away from this.

From that initial idea to today, the opening of Masthaven Bank, it’s taken more than 2 years, and whilst there’s been a lot written about what it takes to launch a new bank in the UK, I can only say is that it’s reassuringly challenging and robust!

It’s been exciting, exhilarating and at times exhausting!

From those early days and a ‘Masthaven Bank’ team of 1 working quietly away within the existing Masthaven lending teams we’re now one Bank team of approaching 100 people in our London West End home. The time’s flown as we’ve shifted the focus from regulatory discussions and applications to testing banking systems, road testing products and understanding what our customers want.

Now is the most exciting time of all as we take what we’ve built into the world and hope it’s appreciated by the people that we’re most focussed on, our future customers!

Our customers, whether people investing their savings or intermediaries introducing prospective borrowers, will be the ones to decide whether those 2 years have been well spent and if we’ve achieved our goals of help people save and borrow in ways that are better for them.

However behind the scenes there is one team at Masthaven hardworking and committed in giving to our Customer Charter meaning.

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