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Last updated: 8th April 2022

Is this a permanent or temporary withdrawal from the market?

Masthaven is permanently withdrawing from the UK banking market over the next two years.

Will I still have access to the broker portals to process pipeline business?
All pipeline bridging business has been processed so we’ve removed access to our short-term lending broker portal. Our mortgage broker portal will be available until all pipeline business has been processed which should be completed by August.

Will I still have access to documents to help me process pipeline business?
Yes, all forms and documents including product guides will be available on our broker website.

We’re promoting Masthaven products on our website – should we remove content immediately?
Yes. As all our lending products are being withdrawn, please remove any references to Masthaven as soon as you can.

Will you be writing to existing borrowers directly?
Yes. We’re writing to all existing borrowers about our plans. We’ve also published borrower FAQs on our customer website which you may find useful. Existing borrowers will not see any immediate change in how they interact with us.

Can I still register to place business?
No. As our products are being removed, we’re not accepting new registrations and will stop processing any new broker registrations.

Pipeline Business – Post offer

I have a case that’s been offered. Will this offer still be honoured?
Yes, offers will be honoured in line with our terms and conditions. Mortgage offers are valid for three months and we will continue to consider offer extensions for a further three months on a case-by-case basis. Bridging loan offers are valid for 30 days.

What will happen to the servicing of the mortgage/loan once it’s completed?
Our mortgages and loans will continue to be serviced as normal. We’ve published borrower FAQs on our customer website which you may find useful.

Will you continue to offer customers retention products?
Yes, we will continue to offer retention products to borrowers approaching the end of their fixed term. If and when this changes we’ll let you know.

Do my customers need to change anything in respect of their Direct Debit instructions?
No. All payments will continue to be collected as normal. If and when this changes, we’ll notify customers.

Pipeline Business - Proc fee payments

Will I still receive my procuration fee once my cases complete?
Yes. Procuration fees will continue to be paid as normal.

Pipeline Business – Contacts

Who do I contact to get an update on my cases?
Call our mortgages team on 020 7036 2020 or email [email protected]

Call our bridging team on 020 7036 2000 or email [email protected]