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At Masthaven, we understand that financial difficulties and debt can be stressful and overwhelming. Our dedicated Customer Service & Financial Support team have a range of ways in which we try to assist our customers:‚Äč
  • We proactively contact customers we know have had difficult experiences, or significant changes in their finances, to check in, offer our support and point them in the direction of organisations who may be able to assist them further
  • We help customers explore and arrange various alternative repayment options, should they experience difficulties making their loan or mortgage payments, known as a forbearance agreement. These options could include but are not limited to; a temporary switch to interest only payments, a temporary switch to reduced payments, a temporary period of no repayments
  • We can help complete a review of monthly income and expenditure
  • We can point customers in the direction of organisations with the expertise to assist them further

“At Masthaven we recognise that adverse life events happen to all of us and we are here to support our customers and colleagues through those difficult times. With the impact of the pandemic also affecting many of us, mental health issues associated with the worry and anxieties of financial difficulties are on the increase," said David Kennedy, our Chief Lending Officer.

“Our dedicated team take the time to listen to our customers, understand how they are being impacted, their ability to repay and agree with them the most appropriate solution. I would encourage any customer who is worried about their repayments to Masthaven to pick up the phone or email us - we are here to help."

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