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Ever wondered how we produce this newsletter? Here’s what goes on behind the scenes at The Mast!
We first issued The Mast back in 2018. We wanted to find a way to connect to and speak with our savings and mortgage customers in as ‘non-banky’ a way as possible. Often, customer communications sent out by banks can be stuffy, formal and pretty boring – or just try and sell things. We wanted to do something different.
Each edition of the newsletter contains several articles covering a range of different topics. In essence, we try to come up with topics we think you’ll enjoy reading, find useful and that don’t just keep you updated with what’s happening at Masthaven (although we do do that sometimes!).

At first, we had very little information to go on in terms of what our readership liked and didn’t like. We didn’t know if a particular topic would perform well or go down like a lead balloon!
But, over time, and as we’ve issued more editions of The Mast, we’ve learnt an awful lot more about what kind of things you like to read about. We look at feedback from previous issues - this helps us with our starting point for each newsletter edition: brainstorming.
Each member of the team (that’s Neha, Viki, Toyosi and Rob) comes armed with their own ideas, and we talk them through and flesh them out in a creative session. We typically end up with over 20 ideas – too many for one newsletter, so we then need to settle on a final shortlist.
To help us do with, we next take our topics out into the wider world of the bank. We speak to the savings and mortgage teams and present our ideas to them, getting feedback from our specialists. These guys speak to you every day, so getting feedback from them is crucial in helping us decide which topics to run with.
We also present our ideas to our compliance team. While compliance is often associated with saying ‘no’, in reality the team is there to ensure our communications are on point, proper and complying with regulation, so it’s really valuable to get their feedback too.
Write and design it
Once the final topics are approved, the next step is to write and design the newsletter. This is one of the most time-consuming parts of the process, but also one of the most rewarding, as we see the newsletter spark into life!
Approve it – and send it to you!
After final approval, the next job is to distribute the newsletter. This is a great part of the job, and it doesn’t stop there. We see if we get any feedback on our newsletter (yes, we do read your emails!) and we check engagement so we can see which articles perform well and which perform less well. This all helps us make the next edition even better.
We hope you enjoy reading The Mast – if you’ve any feedback, be sure to let us know!

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