Mortgage Payment Holiday Request

If you’ve already taken a payment holiday we’ll be in contact soon to ask if you need a further payment holiday.  Please do not use this form to request a further holiday.

In these uncertain times our primary concern is to support our customers. Here’s some important things you need to know about our payment holidays to make sure it’s appropriate for you:

  • Available for our first charge, second charge and buy to let mortgages
  • Available as fully deferred payment, partially reduced payment or interest only repayment
  • Arrangements are temporary, initially set for 3 months
  • Interest will continue to accrue on your mortgage and be charged at your current interest rate
  • More interest will accrue on your mortgage as there will be a higher outstanding balance
  • Your monthly payments will increase after the payment holiday, this will depend on your mortgage balance, term and interest rate. Here is an example of how it works:
    Current Balance £150,000
    Mortgage term 20 years
    Interest rate 3.4%
    Monthly payment before £875
    Monthly payment after £890
  • To get a personal illustration of deferring payments on your future mortgage costs and the impact on increased interest costs and increased monthly payments use this online payment calculator. Information about your mortgage can be found on your mortgage offer, on your annual mortgage statement or you can call us on 0207 036 2012 or email us [email protected]
  • We’ll contact you 1 month before the end of your payment holiday to agree how the additional payments will be added to your mortgage payments
  • Additional interest accrued will need to repaid within your existing mortgage term
  • Repayment arrangements will be discussed and reviewed on an individual basis at the end of the holiday period
  • Your credit report will not be affected as long as your mortgage was not already in arrears
  • If your direct debit payment is due within next 10 days you’ll need to contact your bank to cancel it

If you’re worried about your financial position, we strongly advise you to get independent specialist advice. A list of impartial and free organisations along with our frequently asked questions can be found here.

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  • All parties listed on this mortgage are aware of this request for a Mortgage Payment Holiday.

  • I/We understand that interest is payable on my/our mortgage balance and on the amount of the payment holiday for the full term of my/our mortgage, including the payment holiday period.

  • I/We understand that the duration of my/our Mortgage Payment Holiday is 3 months starting from the date of my/our next monthly payment.

  • I/We understand that if my/our Direct Debit payment is due to be taken from/our my account within the next 10 days, I/we need to contact my/our bank to cancel the direct debit.

  • I/We understand that 1 month before the end of the Payment Holiday, Masthaven Bank will contact me/us to agree how the amount of my Mortgage Payment Holiday will be added to my/our mortgage payments.

  • I/We understand that the information provided in this form can be held by Masthaven Bank as long as necessary to process my/our request and in line with our privacy notice which can be found here.

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