Masthaven lending products


A more individual approach

Life isn’t straightforward, if you look closely it’s actually quite complicated. But that doesn’t mean our lending solutions have to be complicated. We don’t use tick boxes to make decisions, instead we leave that to our people. Pretty different for a bank. But we like to think we are pretty different!


Where different is a good thing

The world would be a boring place if everyone was the same. Unfortunately, to get a mortgage, most other bank lenders expect each customer to fit a mould – not us! Whether first or second charge, residential or buy-to-let, we have a great range of solutions that will be right up your street.

Bridging finance

We're old hands with new solutions

This isn’t new to us – we’ve been moving our bridging finance forward since 2004 – we’ve certainly managed a fair few decisions in that time. Our competitive solutions, reliable decision making and experienced people mean our award winning products and services can help you move quickly.

Development finance

Helping you break new ground

Whether it’s a new build, conversion or refurbishment project, we make getting a property development loan a realistic option.

Brokers and intermediaries

We’re always interested in building long-term relationships with new intermediaries. If you would like to work with us, please contact one of our team.

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We will definitely use Masthaven more often, you make it easy!

Y3S Group

About Masthaven


We bring years of experience in short term lending to our new bank. We’re award winning and we build lasting relationships.


Home for Masthaven is London, where you’ll find our friendly helplines and expert teams.


We’re not a traditional bank. So we can move swiftly, make decisions quickly and consider customers that other banks can’t.


We’re only as good as the people we employ. They’re an exceptional team and we trust them to make decisions.