Shelley Connelly takes control of short-term lending at Masthaven Bank

Director of Mortgage Lending will improve processes for brokers

Why work with us?
Here’s what makes our bridging finance stand out
Bridging’s in our blood

We started out as a short-term lender, so we’re one of the most experienced in the industry.

New broker portal

Get a DIP and apply online 24/7. Short-term finance - but not as you know it.

Fuss-free bridging

With four distinct bridging products offering our lowest ever rates, we've made bridging simple and easy to understand...


For straightforward bridging cases, with loans from £300k - £4m and rates from 0.43%. New: re-bridge now accepted.

Specialist Bridging

Built for complex cases: adverse credit, re-bridging, gifted deposit, properties above commercial premises. Loans between £300k - £4m with rates from 0.63%.

Mini Bridge

For smaller, simpler cases. Loans from £200,000 - £300,000, rates from 0.58% and designed to flow through our Portal. New: multiple properties accepted.


Perfect for non-structural works and ambitious projects. Loans from £300k - £2m for refurb; £300k - £1m for heavy refurb with rates from 0.48% and 0.68%.