Masthaven Annual Report 2017

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Chief Executive’s Report

I am delighted to report as the CEO of a new entrant UK Bank, a Bank dedicated to meeting the real and individual needs of customers in its chosen lending and savings markets.

Masthaven has had a transformational 2016 as the business was recognised as one of the top 1,000 fastest growing companies in Europe by the Financial Times and then followed this up with its banking launch on 28 November 2016.

When I started Masthaven as a specialist lender in 2004 there have been a number of successes and some challenging times, particularly weathering the credit crunch, however I’ve remained steadfast in the principles I believe characterise successful businesses. These remain true today and have been the foundations upon which I, Jon Hall, and the team at Masthaven have built the Bank:

• focusing relentlessly on what customers’ demands are;
• attention to detail; and
• effective communication.

The Strategic Report provides the results that have been achieved in the year to 30 April 2017 and a business overview; however, this period was all about providing a safe launch for the Bank and starting to demonstrate how our philosophy of ‘Human Digital Banking’ gives our customers a banking service that they value. This has been described by one of our early customers better than I ever could:

"You have effectively combined old
and new, innovative and traditional,
to end up with the best of both worlds
in a harmonious balance

Mr A Ebrey
Masthaven Bank Customer

This Annual Report is an early stepping stone as we focus on delivering diversified lending fit for customer needs and digital savings which provide competitive, consistent products with automation and self-service, all underpinned by a ‘human’ experience through the Bank.

Andrew Bloom
Chief Executive
11 August 2017

Download the annual report and accounts (2MB)
Download the PILLAR 3 Report (1MB)