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Bridging’s in our blood

We started out as a short-term lender, so we’re one of the most experienced in the industry.

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Fuss-free bridging

With four distinct bridging products we've made bridging simple and easy to understand...


The go-to product for straightforward bridging cases, with loans from £300k - £4m and rates from 0.48%.

Specialist Bridging

Built for complex cases: adverse credit, re-bridging, gifted deposit, properties above commercial premises. Loans between £300k - £4m with rates from 0.63%.

Mini Bridge

Got a small, simple case? You need Mini Bridge. Loans from £200,000 - £300,000, rates from 0.58% and designed to flow through our Portal.


Perfect for non-structural works and ambitious projects. Loans from £300k - £2m for refurb; £300k - £1m for heavy refurb with rates from 0.53% and 0.68%.

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