Bridging loan rates at a market leading price

Key reasons to use Masthaven Bridging Finance

  • FCA Regulated lender.
  • Our low rate from 1.1% per month for all residential(1) first charge lending in England, Wales and Scotland irrespective of LTV, property types and status.
  • First charge lending on commercial property at 1.25% per month.
  • LTV based on a combination of open market value and purchase price.
  • Low valuation and legal fees.
  • Daily interest.
  • Most security considered, including residential(1) and commercial.
  • 100% LTV available on main security if additional security is provided.
  • Now lending in Scotland (on a first charge residential basis only)

The terms set out the below apply to the majority of our loans, we reserve the right to alter these in extenuating circumstances.

First charge bridging loan rates

1st Charge Lending
Loan Duration 1-15 Months(2)
LTV 70%
Monthly Interest Rate - Residential (England, Wales and Scotland) from 1.1%
Monthly Interest Rate - Commercial 1.25%
Monthly Interest Rate - Development 1.35%
Monthly Interest Rate - Renovation/Refurbishment 1.25%
Arrangement Fee 2%.
Valuation Fee See PDF's document downloads
Legal Fee See PDF's document downloads

Second charge bridging loan rates

All costs are identical as 1st charge lending apart from the following:

2nd Charge Lending
LTV Up to 65%(1)
Monthly interest rate – Residential 1.35%
Monthly interest rate – Renovation/Refurbishment 1.45%
Monthly interest rate – Commercial 1.45%

Note (1) This is to include the redemption figure of the 1st charge loan.

Note(2)15 month term for non FCA regulated development and renovation/refurbishment loans only.