Residential Bridging Loans - from a Principal Lender

Careers in bridging finance

Masthaven can offer residential bridging loans on all types of residential property – detached houses, flats, terraced houses and land with planning permission for residential use.

The security property can either be property you already own or which you intend to buy with a residential bridging loan from Masthaven.

You may need to source bridging funding quickly to take advantage of an investment opportunity or a chance to purchase some land or property at a reduced price.

If residential property is bought at auction you usually need to pay a 10% deposit immediately and then raise the balance within 28 days. We can provide this bridging funding at short notice for a period up to 12 months.

The residential bridging loan is usually repaid through a remortgage with a high street lender or when the property is sold.

A residential bridging loan from Masthaven can also be used to give your business a cashflow injection, perhaps to assist in purchasing stock or paying a tax or VAT bill.

These bridging funds can be secured on your residential property and repaid in as little as 1 month from your business once cashflow permits.

We aim to make the bridging funding process straightforward and assist in obtaining the necessary finance within the shortest period of time.